Spanish at Home

¡Aprendemos en Familia!

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Ready-to-use activities and tools to boost your Spanish at home. More than 50 interactive activities for 0-6 years old to bring Spanish into your family life. This book is geared towards non-native adults with an intermediate level of Spanish, raising children between zero and six years old in an English speaking household.

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customer reviews

"This is a wonderful way for parents and children to learn and practice Spanish together!! I wish this book had been around when my children were younger. It would have been a great tool for my kids and their non-spanish speaking father to use! Congratulations to the authors! "
Maritere Bellas
"Spanish at home" is a great guide for parents who want to raise bilingual children. The book includes ideas for parents to play with their kids while including Spanish as part of the interaction. These ideas can be easily applicable at home. I particularly liked the songs and I really liked the way the authors included different vocabulary in Spanish from Argentina, Mexico and Spain. The book also has some recipes that we as parents can make and enjoy with our kids. If you are a parent that wants to raise bilingual children and need practical and fun activities in Spanish, this book is for you.
Erika Deery

Spanish at Home

¡Aprendemos en Familia!

Available around the world

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